Ready to send a local band to Wakarusa 2009?


As of this writing, we’re a mere 11 days from the annual Waka Winter Classic, a regional competition taking place in clubs across the United States to send its winners to the concert stage at Wakarusa. Springfield’s concert is Friday, February 27 at the Outland Ballroom, and we just got the list of bands today. Click the link below and see who you could be sending to one of America’s best music festivals.

The list of competing bands in this year’s Waka Winter Classic is as follows (listed in alpahbetical order):

The Ben Miller Band

Kevin Cochran (from Chicago)

Dirty Old Towne


Matt Stell & The Crashers

Everybody who comes to the Outland Ballroom concert on the 27th gets one vote, so remember: Get your vote in, and if you’re no playing favorites for friends or fandom of a particular group keep your ballot in hand until near the end of the night. You never know who might wow you with an amazing set.

It’s also a great opportunity to see a group of bands perform together you might never see in one place otherwise; jam, funk, Irish rock, blues and folk? Sounds like a mini Wakarusa… oh, wait, it is.


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One Response to “Ready to send a local band to Wakarusa 2009?”

  1. ALC Says:

    Thanks for getting this out! 🙂

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