Sylabol7 album out by early March; tour coming, too


sylbugsysYou may recall a previous post about local hip hop artist Sylabol7 delaying the release of his new record, Seems Yesterday Lives, in order to add two new tracks he had just received beats for. The latest from Sylabol7 is that the album is now slated for 18-19 tracks and will be ready and released in time for his tour with fellow Real Rhymers Camp member Les Izmore in early March. The record will be released independently, and possibly as a package deal with a beats record by DJ Nick Fury. Whether released on its own or as part of a combo, Sylabol7 says he wants half of the album’s proceeds to go to the family of Killuh E, a longtime friend who died November 13. We’ll post more release details as soon as they’re available.


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One Response to “Sylabol7 album out by early March; tour coming, too”

  1. stinkyedwards Says:

    Killuh! We miss you!

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