Local punk’s riot grrrrls: Meet The Faceshots


One of the many reasons we keep a perpetual soft spot for punk rock is its never-ending desire to make society uncomfortable. Need a taboo broken? Punk rock will go there, take pictures and then flip you off for not coming along for the ride. It’s in that spirit that we present to you The Faceshots, Springfield’s only (known) all-girl punk band and the latest punk act to beat its audience over the head with the sexual innuendo stick. Founded by former Adrenals and current Spites/Rats/sometimes-Dishwashers bassist Christine Gaisser, the group picks up where bands such as this semi-famous progenitor left off. If you want to catch them live, you’ll only have to wait until Punk Rock Wednesday February 25 to do so; they’ll be sharing the stage that night with Pit42, The Dead Aheads, Turdpee and That’s Enough for their debut show. Keep the name jokes to a maximum for them, would you?


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One Response to “Local punk’s riot grrrrls: Meet The Faceshots”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Did you seriously liken them to The Runaways? Was this little write-up sarcasm?

    You do know that punk rock requires a bit of talent, don’t you? I listened to these gals on their Myspace music and it sounds like a bunch of unintelligent teens acting up to get attention.

    Just because they’re from SGF doesn’t mean you have to get behind them. They are not rebels at all. They’re following what other ignorant punk-wannabes have thrown out there.

    Please, get a grip and do a better job reppin’ 417 .

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