All Kills Aside loses its bassist to severed fingers

All Kills Aside, Outland Ballroom

All Kills Aside bassist Clancy Leakey (right)

We got a bizarre and slightly frightening message from the guys in All Kills Aside earlier today, explaining the departure of bass player Clancy Leakey. We’re hoping at least some part of it is fabricated–we’re checking into it as we speak–but we’ll let you get the full update after the break.

Quoting the band directly:

“Today we make the unfortunate announcement that our beloved bass player, Clancy Leakey is stepping down from his position in All Kills Aside due to recent events…..

“As you all know Clancy is a very avid WELDER. He has made decorative welding a life long hobby (and quite well at it we may add).

“Clancy has made tons of cast iron horses, rocking chairs, 3 legged giraffes, lawn furniture and an assortment of many other gifts for small children around the world.

“Clancy was recently making one of his greatest epic creations ever. A twelve foot tall cast iron unicorn. An unfortunate slip of the welding torch caused Clancy to sever four of the five fingers from his hand had. Which in turn doesnt allow him to play bass until his cyborg fingers are done….. which unfortunately will not be for another decade. But luckily Clancy’s got to keep the main finger…..

“We are all in mourning with the departure of Clancy ‘the destroyer.’ All get-well cards have been appreciated and we are still accepting donations. Thank you all for support………….

“So uh………

“Play Bass???”

So, as we said before, we hope this is just some fun at the reader’s expense and that Clancy is actually okay. If not, stay tuned here for more details, particularly if there is someplace to send wellwishes and donations.


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5 Responses to “All Kills Aside loses its bassist to severed fingers”

  1. grant Says:

    is it inappropriate to send bass players in memorium? i’ve got a few i’d like to donate.

  2. Scott P. Says:

    Yup, its legit. They are officially looking for a new bass play. The band just messaged us saying Clancy will be posting an official “Goodbye” on his personal Myspace.

    Anyone interested in trying out for bass is to message the band at their myspace.

  3. thederosh Says:

    Good God. Clancy, if you happen to read this, best wishes from all of us and Godspeed in recovery. You’ll be missed, man.

  4. Jamie S. Says:

    Is the injury legit? Or is he just leaving the band?

  5. Jules Says:

    wow this is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen lol

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