A: Watching fish swim in coral reefs. That’s what you use it for.

Photo courtesy Jarreth Hunt Photography

Photo courtesy Jarreth Hunt Photography

Q: What do you use a glass bottom boat ride for, anyway?

Hopefully that helps a little. (It has other, way-not-safe-for-work definitions we, frankly, would just rather not talk about, too.) But if you capitalize Glass Bottom Boat Ride, the answer changes; you use Glass Bottom Boat Ride to rock out metal-style in Springfield, Missouri, and possibly on the road with the Taste of Chaos tour in the near future. The band is still trying to secure a spot on the lineup, and there’s a little time left to vote, so you can go here and nominate them.

That’s not all the news they’ve got, either.

We’ll give you the rest all quick-hit style:

* The band made huge strides forward with the redesign of its MySpace page, which now includes more visual elements and interactive material.

* They’ve added a video for “Kentucky Flapjack,” filmed live at The Outland. It’s a smaller stage than they usually play on, but they appear to lose little to none of their usual energy in the transition. Worth a watch.

* In addition to their shows at The Outland Ballroom (1/31) and Fubar in St. Louis (2/14), there’s one booked gig they’re not mentioning yet: Bugsy Malone’s on 2/19. We’re pretty sure guitarist Tim’s connections to the bar (he’s a former employee) have something to do with it, but it’s another exciting development in what may be the slow reawakening of a local music spot. Welcome back, Wayna!


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2 Responses to “A: Watching fish swim in coral reefs. That’s what you use it for.”

  1. grant Says:

    look, an old school Chicago shirt AND an 85 world series shirt? i’m hooked.

  2. thederosh Says:

    Don’t forget Def Leppard’s epic album, Pyromania, repped second from right.

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