Rock Talk (1/25/09) Speakeasy, My31Tv, The Rugs, High Strung Music, and The Seed



Whew! We had quote a packed show this week. First we have special guests Speakeasy in to talk about their upcoming show, jam an acoustic track, and shoot the shizzle. We also had a very special guest in the studio…My31 TV, yeah, the TV station. Pretty cool we thinks (we’ll have air times for that as soon as we have them). We talked to Liz Valentine about what’s up with the station, her music past, what she does now…and a bit about Rock Talk for the tv portion of the show. We’re not even half way done!

After that, we had The Rugs come in and rap about what they’re up to, as well as Moodring Records and all the awesome free stuff they’re always bringing. Then John from High Strung Music came in to talk about their open jam session and new concert series coming to the store (yeah a concert series and jam at a local music store…Hellz Yeayah!). Then lastly, we ended the show on a mellow note with Springfield’s Reggae/cool vibes act, The Seed. They’re recording home dubs and want to share them with you. Not only that, but they’ll be having a double CD release show soon and a tons of shows between.

Wow! What a show! Tons of music and TONS of great things going on from shows, to recording, to TV! Yeah, this is a good one. Listen in after the break.

All tracks now streaming. 









Rock Talk is the all-things-local radio show on Z 106.7 hosted by Simon Nytes and Chris & Scott from It airs Sunday nights at 10pm and is available for online streaming at If you or your band would like to be on Rock Talk, please contact Chris D. of TheFourFour for scheduling.


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5 Responses to “Rock Talk (1/25/09) Speakeasy, My31Tv, The Rugs, High Strung Music, and The Seed”

  1. Dirty Old Towne Says:

    Did you get videos from the show at the Outland??? I found photos. We need to set up a better line of communication! You guys rock my tits off!!!

  2. Dirty Old Towne Says:

    Fair enough. Did you make it into the show last night man? I talked to Amy Lynne about it and she said that’d be cool, but I don’t know if she ever mentioned it to the door guy. Maybe I was supposed to. Sorry if we dropped the ball, I saw Scott there. We got a Philly… oh wow. THAT was good.

  3. thederosh Says:

    I didn’t. I was caught up at a friend’s birthday party and a Mardi Gras theme party. By the time I tore away it was way late. Waka Winter Classic, though… it’s on.

  4. The Seed signs with Lemon Drop Records « Says:

    […] the group joined us on our awesomely awesome local radio show on 106.7, Rock Talk, on January 25 (Listen in here). Guests on that show also include Speakeasy, My31 TV, High Strung Music and The Rugs. But this is […]

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