Get your TiVo on. We’re gonna be on telly-vision.


old_televisionIf you thought the idea of putting our crazy asses on the radio wasn’t entertaining enough, some brave souls are taking it up a notch or two by broadcasting us over television’s airwaves. Luckily, it’s not just us; they’re bringing local musicians along for the ride, plus a certain radio host you might know. Wanna know where and when to see it? Click and find out.

A crew from My31 came to the Journal Broadcast Group studios to film us during Sunday’s Rock Talk, as well as a brief interview with Rock Talk host Simon Nytes. (If you were listening to the show Sunday night, you may recall station presenter Liz Valentine sitting in for an interview.) The footage was put together for a profile segment, which already ran once on My31 Monday morning. However, you have more opportunities to catch it: Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 6:30 a.m., and two times Saturday that we’re awaiting confirmation on. Now, we know 6:30 isn’t ideal for musicians or followers of local music–hell, it’s not great for us, either, and we have day jobs–but that’s what DVRs and TiVo are for, right? And we suggest using them if you’ve got them; Speakeasy came in the studio and did an outstanding live performance on-camera that you will not want to miss.


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