More from the Moodring Records vault: The Walnut Street Gang’s final recordings


wsg_singleHop in our digital DeLorean and travel back to March 2005. It was a simpler place and time, back when the economy was only just swirling around the toilet bowl, MTV hadn’t burdened us with The Hills yet and The Walnut Street Gang was still making music. Sadly, The Walnut Street Gang was the first of these three happy circumstances to go; the group split up in May of that year. Moodring Records, in a nostalgic turn, finally releases the last bit of material the band produced before its departure: “Bunko Steerer” and “Can Opener,” the former of which was previously unreleased. Give them both a listen for yourself–and, if you dig it, download them, too–by depressing your clicking finger over these words.


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