Huh?! The Schwag tentatively scheduled for Remington’s (not Downtown) on 2/28 on Pollstar


Good Lord. Remington’s, once a live-concert hotspot in Springfield with shows such as Shinedown, Willie Nelson and more, faded from the local music scene after Ridgecrest Baptist Church bought it in 2005. Once Baptist-ized, the facility became home to regular youth services and only an occasional secular event. For the first time in a long time (Heaven help us if we can remember when), such a secular event is scheduled: Salem, Missouri-based Grateful Dead tribute band The Schwag, listed by the often-ahead-of-itself Pollstar as performing there February 28. The band’s MySpace page and official band website also confirm the date. Now, we don’t want to insinuate anything–who are we kidding, yes we do–but The Grateful Dead were not exactly paragons of the Christian ideal in their day, and we have a feeling their tribute band may bring some people into the building whom, shall we say, may not be back for Sunday morning service. You know what? Bring it on. This could be fun.


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3 Responses to “Huh?! The Schwag tentatively scheduled for Remington’s (not Downtown) on 2/28 on Pollstar”

  1. Abby D. Says:

    It’s actually at Remmington’s Downtown. Check for the most accurate list of dates.

    Most EVERY single booking agent still has the wrong address in their system, no matter how many times we try to tell them to fix it, they it doesn’t seem to get done. At the Unearth show a couple of days ago, the same thing happened. The bands showed up at the wrong venue, booked their hotels out there, and even had their merch shipped there too.

    Same goes for a lot of the concert/event websites, their databases still say Republic Road address and they never get around to fixing it.

    Good story though! When I was doing booking for DLM, I had to clear up that confusion a lot, sometimes with our own staff even. Most fliers didn’t say “Downtown” and sometimes the Remmington’s name would have one M instead of two depending on who made the ad.

  2. thederosh Says:

    Damn. That sort of ruins the fun. On the other hand, it allows me to point out, once again, what a piece of shit Pollstar is. That’s always a good time!

  3. Lies, Damn Lies and Pollstar: The Schwag actually coming to Remmington’s Downtown « Says:

    […] figured this was the case, but the opportunity to speculate at the thought of Grateful Dead tribute group The Schwag at young-Christian haven Remington’s on … was just too good to pass up. However, commenter Abby D. set the record […]

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