Nathaniel Carroll returns to work on new EP (and you can help)


nathanielcarrollNathaniel Carroll has taken a bit of a break recently. The “boy and his piano” recently became the “man and his piano” with the recent birth of his first child, (Congrats Nathaniel!) so laying a little low is understood and forgiven. But we’re glad to hear he’s back at it! Nathaniel has been in or  performed with, gee, I don’t know….umteen bands (you can find a list with links at his website). We’re used to seeing him tour or play a few gigs every week…not to mention the constant and endless recording. Now that those who didn’t know of him know that he knows his schtuff, we’re happy to pass on the news that he will be working on a new EP and is looking for additional musicians to contribute. He’s got a really good idea and you want to know the rest so…The EP will be titled The Sea Married Me. It has a bit of a “concept” to it though. He’s wanting to make it an experience. So although it will have about four or five tracks, it will seem more like one big song with recurring musical and lyrical themes. We’re big fans of artists taking new approaches to their music and knowing Nathaniel’s chops, this should be something to gawk at.

Here is the fun part. He’s looking for additional musicians to contribute to the experience and has extended an open invitation not just to musicians from Springfield, but all over the country. How will this work? Simple. He’ll post the first track on his MySpace page and ask people to record their additional parts and send them back. Ever listen to a song and think “Hey, this would be awesome with a little of ‘this’ or ‘that’?” Well, now is your chance.

Since Nathanial plays just about any instrument under the sun, he’s looking for more “non-traditional” instruments. By that, I mean the 30 guitarists reading need not apply. Well, at least not all 30. But he’s definitely looking for more variety. “I am in need of some specific instrumentalists to come record with us:  Trumpet, Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, French Horn, Flute, Tuba.  If you or someone you know is proficient with any of these instruments, email me at nathaniel [dot] carroll [at] gmail [dot] com.”

Good luck Nathaniel! We’re anxiously awaiting the final product.


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