Happy Obama Day. Stop working and watch music vids.



For those of you who weren’t aware today was Inauguration Day:

1. Welcome back to Planet Earth.

2. You clearly don’t watch enough NBC/CBS/ABC/FOX/PBS/C-SPAN/CNN/FOX NEWS/CNBC/MSNBC

3. You missed one hell of a party. Not only did the weekend provide a collection of artists not seen on a single stage since Live Eight (Seriously, couldn’t they have found a long-gone superband to reunite for this event, too? Maybe Steve Perry returns to Journey for a very special “Don’t Stop Believin’?” On second thought, don’t let that happen. Ever.), but “entertainer” Aretha Franklin brought the soul on “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” following Joe Biden’s swearing-in, and John Williams–composer of the film scores for Superman and the Indiana Jones series–wrote a song just for the occasion, played by a collection of some of the best symphonic performers in the world. In all, it was pretty epic… so we condensed the last few days and put the best musical stuff we could find from today and the weekend’s HBO-televised concert in one place after the break. So what if it’s not local. Who wants to sweat the details (or get work done, for that matter) on such a historic day, anyway?


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