Get your Kanye shades on. Black Box Revue is booking live music again.


shadesBlack Box Revue carries a reputation for being one of the best weekly dance parties in Springfield, but the hidden truth is the Black Box DJs bring some of the most out-of-the-norm touring music acts the city gets to see. The group took a break over the holidays to just spin the tracks and make people dance, but with students back in town the bands are back, too, to add a little rock to your dance night at The Outland. Make clicking motions over the link below to see what you have in store for your listening pleasure in the weeks ahead.

Check out this lineup:

Friday, JAN. 16th — LONDON CALLING (vjs) from St. Louis
Friday, JAN. 23rd — SCI-FI PARTY featuring RECORDER from Tulsa. We will also be showing local film APOLLO.
Friday, JAN. 30th — UNICORN BASEMENT (& MC/VL) from Minneapolis
Friday, FEB. 6th — GO MOTION from Omaha
Friday, FEB. 13th — CODEBREAKER from Milwaukee
Friday, FEB. 20th — FRENCH HORN REBELLION from Milwaukee

Even we don’t know who all of these acts are–a fact that, frankly, excites us one hell of a lot–but we do know French Horn Rebellion is a show Springfield’s music-savvy residents have anticipated for quite some time now. Let the countdown begin…


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5 Responses to “Get your Kanye shades on. Black Box Revue is booking live music again.”

  1. gafrequency Says:

    Those glasses always make me laugh. Nice article.

    Discover new music at Frequency, the Music Blog.

  2. blondie Says:

    canned music.

  3. thederosh Says:

    That’s an understandable opinion with regard to the DJs, perhaps, but not the live bands. I suggest giving them a try.

  4. JOhan Says:

    YO thanks for the nice artical we appricate it. We love making people dance and doing it every friday.

    About the can music I can surley understand where one would say that truthfully i can. That was the out lands bigest worreis when we started to play there every fri big change for them, With that being said its over a month and we are still there and there normal crowd at the outland loves the ,music and all dance with us. What the outland crow thought was were were supper rave djs lol how ever when it comes down to it we are not supper rave djs we will play css to kings of leon to lcd sound system to daft punk hell to some straight 80’s prince its a fun dance party its not about a dj its about making people dace and having a party party so come dance….

    We do bands that make people dance the list above are amazing artist that we have hand pick by the black box djs we pick people that will make the crowd dance.. from electro expermintal stuff to dance rock to straight disco… hell to a robot rock band recorder…

    this is Johan of balck box revue check out the site

  5. nexus Says:

    thanks for the article!

    be sure to check out our website too

    up to date show info, party pics, msg board, etc etc

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