Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2009 Queen City Shout lineup


It’s award season in Hollywood, a chance to see your favorite celebs wear outfits you can’t pull off you can’t afford while they accept awards for pretending to be someone else. Ridiculous though it can be at times, it’s the film industry’s time to shine a spotlight on itself for its ability to entertain and, at its best, inspire. It’s also the time of year a spotlight is shown on local music: Queen City Shout, the Borders concert series conceived by the store’s music honcho and resident local-music great Eddie Gumucio. Each year Springfield’s best take over the store for performances outside their normal setting, going from smoky clubs and late nights under lights to early-evening strum sessions in a family-friendly atmosphere. This year’s Queen City Shout lineup of shows goes on for almost a month, and the first performance is only a few weeks away. The full list of artists follows after the jump.

week 1:

Thursday 2/5 Sweetwater Abilene 7pm
Friday 2/6 Organic Soul 6pm

Friday 2/6 Truett & The Traitors 8pm
Saturday 2/7 tbd 4pm
Saturday 2/7 Bring Your Green Hat 6pm
Saturday 2/7 We Voyagers 8pm
Sunday 2/8 The JRB Band 3pm
Sunday 2/8 The Neej 5pm

week 2:

Thursday 2/12 Chandler/Roberson 7pm
Friday 2/13 Sea Dogges 6pm
Friday 2/13 Boogeymen 8pm
Saturday 2/14 Brian Hom 4pm
Saturday 2/14 Chris Aytes 6pm
Saturday 2/14 Cindy Woolf 8pm
Sunday 2/15 Dan Cogell 3pm
Sunday 2/15 Ken Hopper 5pm

week 3:

Thursday 2/19 EgoMagnet 7pm
Friday 2/20 Steam Jazz 6pm
Friday 2/20 Glen McKenzie & The Road Kings 8pm
Saturday 2/21 Cantuta 4pm
Saturday 2/21 Verbs (Redux) 6pm
Saturday 2/21 Bottlefish 8pm
Sunday 2/22 Dallas Jones 3pm
Sunday 2/22 Brother Wiley 5pm

week 4:

Thursday 2/26 Canto 17 7pm
Friday 2/27 Lyal Strickland 6pm
Friday 2/27 Greene Coast 8pm
Saturday 2/28 Carrie Beason & Big MO 4pm
Saturday 2/28 Cropdusters 6pm
Saturday 2/28 Starrfadu 8pm
Sunday 3/1 Brian Capps 3pm
Sunday 3/1 Josh Nimmo 5pm


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