Springfield Hip Hop has a new home


shhs“The next time you ask where hip hop is going, ask yourself, ‘Where am I going? How am I doing?’ Then you’ll get a clear idea. People talk about hip hop like it’s some giant living in a hillside, coming down to visit the townspeople. We are hip hop. Me, you… everybody.” –Mos Def

So where is hip hop in Springfield going? It depends on where you are going, and for the last two years Springfield Hip Hop & Soul has tried to steer that in an all-positive direction. As the rudder on the city’s scattered, divisive and often rivalrous hip hop scene, the group casts aside beefs and dissention to simply tell people what’s going on, where to find it and who is involved. Now, two years into its mission, Springfield Hip Hop & Soul takes things to the next level with the introduction of its new website, springfieldhiphopandsoul.com. A giant upgrade from the group’s MySpace page, you can find upcoming shows, mixtape info and a plethora of other resources for the urban music community. A higher profile and expanded range of abilities can only improve the reach and power of the group. Here’s hoping for good things.


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3 Responses to “Springfield Hip Hop has a new home”

  1. Rotten Monkey Says:

    Perhaps you guys should work on some collaborative cross-posting / guest blogging? I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing hip hop represent on the four four… and you guys are awesome writers so I’m sure the springfield hip hop and soul crew would be honored to have a guest post?

    ok I’m getting a little verklempt
    …. talk amongst yourselves.

  2. thederosh Says:

    I’d be down for that. We do everything we can to put hip hop on this site, and are always looking to do more. It’s a matter of acquiring knowledge, something SHH&S has in spades. I’m happy to work with them on anything.

  3. SHH&S Says:

    Excellent write-up!! Wow Thank you so much for the feature – very appreciated! And thanks for pointing out how we keep things on a positive note – something we value a great deal. We REALLY appreciate how open minded you at the FourFour and your readers have been toward the local Urban music scene. The FourFour already does an excellent job of covering the Hip Hop scene and if there is anyway we can be of assistance – we’d be more than happy to help! Wishing you all continued success and a prosperous New Year!

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