Lindberg’s reopens February 6… with a very special event


Lindberg'sLet the countdown begin. As we reported previously, Lindberg’s is now under new ownership–none other than former (as of 12/31/08) Outland bartender and eponymous bandleader Eric Weiler–and will soon be reopening. If you heard last night’s edition of Rock Talk on 106.7 FM (if not, you can catch it again on this site in just a bit), Weiler will open the large wooden door once again on February 6.

That’s only part of the good news. Read after the break to find out who he has booked for the opening-night show.

The first musical act of the new era at Lindberg’s will be The Cropdusters, whom Weiler sits in with on organ and keys. It’s more than a convenient choice; the band will host its CD release party that night. One of local music’s bands on the rise will release its just-finished record at one of the city’s most storied venues; what a beautiful combination.


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5 Responses to “Lindberg’s reopens February 6… with a very special event”

  1. The Spilken8r Says:

    The Verbs will be opening that show! It’s going to be awesome, long live Lindbergs!

  2. Cootey Coot Says:

    Does anyone have any contact information for the new booking manager at Lindy’s? We’re dying to get back in there ASAP!

  3. Thud Munson Says:

    Awesome room… and one of the best stages in town! Can’t wait.

  4. thederosh Says:

    Weiler said to contact him through his band’s MySpace for booking shows:

  5. Josh Says:

    I hope they will put in a kickass jukebox. There arent many good jukeboxes in Springfield, outside of Mexican Villa.

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