Holstein back in the studio


recordingHungry? How about prepping for lunch with a whiff of fresh music in the recording-studio oven: Holstein went back in the studio yesterday to begin work on their full-length album. Get the full update on their progress and what to expect from their new record after the jump.

Straight from the band:

“Yesterday and today were our first days in the studio. The end result of these two days was pretty good. We got all the bass and drums finished on the album with the exception of one song (that doesn’t even have drums), so we’ve got a lot done. We’ll be starting on the guitar parts at the end of january.

“For those of you who’d like to hear a live demonstration of what’s to come, be at the Outland on January 10 by 9pm and witness four awesome bands play (one of them being us). We will be playing with Chords for Walkill, New Madrid and Washington Irving.

“For those who do not know, we are recording with Dan Chilton of Mobile Recording Force again, and it’s a blast. We all seem to have a good time pulling our hair out.

“some quick details on the album:

it’s called “blood on james river”
it’s going to have 13 songs on it
it’s going to bring sexy back

that’s all for now.
see you soon!


If Blood On the James River is anything like the band’s EP for quality, we expect good things from this January 10 show.


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One Response to “Holstein back in the studio”

  1. Josh Says:

    Washington Irving is not playing this show, sorry for the confusion. Everybody should still check it out though, Holstein and New Madrid are both super nice bands!

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