It’s a local-music vlog


videoiconWe don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there has been a proliferation of videos coming from the local music scene lately. Promo videos for albums, single-song music videos… all covered. Being the fans of eye candy that we are, we’ve stockpiled those we can (sadly, we can’t embed MySpace TV vids) and are passing along the digital-vid goodness on to you. Think of it as FourFourTube. Click through and prepare to vege.

Let’s start with music that’s available at your local record store (or iTunes, if you’re feeling Twenty-first Century). Here’s As Of Now’s video for “Sorry:”

We also found brand-new video of Greene Coast performing on Drury TV’s DU Uncut. (FYI, if you’ve never seen DU Uncut, it’s a program devoted to televising in-studio performances by local musicians regardless of genre. It airs regularly on Mediacom cable channel 27. Click here to check out some examples from earlier this year.) Here’s “Scout’s Paw:”

Finally, how’s this for a closer: The uber-low-fi rock-dance goodness of J.R. Top’s Pilot Whale–now set to video! Enjoy “Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonite:”

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One Response to “It’s a local-music vlog”

  1. Slow Says:

    Hop over to and check out the virtual smoke session w. The Highest Priest as we talk about our upcoming cd and get a lil faded…Slow

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