Happy holidays from Moodring Records! TWO releases this week!


Holy cow, Santa! Is this the new Moodring Records holiday collection?! F*** yeah!

You might have noticed Moodring Records took last week off in its relentless weekly release-a-thon, but the break is over. This week, in honor of the coming Christmas holiday, MRR is doubling up. First up is a new single from Rags to Rich’s, the other major project of Rugs guitarist Richie Rebuth. It’s the band’s first single on Moodring, the surf-rock instrumental “Savage” with the B-side “Turbulence.”

If that’s not enough, MRR brought back a classic to complete the double-whammy: The Walnut Street Gang nugget A Very Walnut Street Gang Christmas, including the tracks “Christmas Evil” and “The Gift.” Who doesn’t need more slightly threatening punk rock in their holiday season? Not this blog! Bring it!

Listen to all of these tracks and more here.


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One Response to “Happy holidays from Moodring Records! TWO releases this week!”

  1. Ranald Ives Says:

    Man, those Walnut Street Gang guys are great! I wonder whatever happened to them? Hmmmmm? Probably famous and have millions of dollars but living an eccentric and secluded J.D. Salinger type existence so noone really knows.

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