UPDATED: The “green” in “green room” is NOT for envy


***UPDATE: John Paul’s guitar was found at Gold Digger Pawn on West Kearney Street earlier today. For musicians reading this, take note: It is EXTREMELY important to report stolen equipment to the police immediately, as police reports are faxed to every pawn shop in the city.***

Add this to the list of stupid things that happen at shows and shouldn’t: John Paul Chapman’s Taylor guitar (the acoustic he played onstage during the show) was stolen from the green room at the Outland Ballroom Friday night following Greene Coast’s CD release party. If anyone has any leads as to the guitar’s whereabouts, please contact the band here or here with information.

We post this not so much as a service–we want to help, naturally, but posting every stolen-equipment event would get out of hand–but to point out the prevalence and absurdity of the problem.

We’ll assume that anyone who would steal something from the Ballroom’s green room a.) knows where that is, which means they’ve been to the club before, at the very least, and b.) paid to get into the night’s show, since the room isn’t accessible to passers-by on the street. If you paid to support the bands on the bill, why would you then take their stuff?! Your five dollars helped make the night’s show a success, but your clepto tendencies could set back future shows to degrees unknown. Is there no thought process put into any of this? Does any musician in Springfield carry a cavalcade of guitars to where if one Taylor goes missing it’s no big deal?

As we said, it would be one thing if this were an isolated incident, but the truth is bands have their equipment stolen all the time, particularly from vehicles during load-in and load-out. Instruments, PA equipment, cables–there’s no limit to what people will take. But what’s the solution? An extra club staffer to watch over green room and/or loading areas? Not likely, since that means adding cost for the venue. Added vigilance on the part of the bands? Difficult, as everyone in a band has his or her role in teardown, and working one at a time while others keep an eye out slows things down dramatically.

Here, then, is a vote for Option Three: Fans, onlookers and passers by need to do the only truly helpful thing they can and stay out of the way. Musicians work hard at shows–shows you pay for–to cover their costs and to earn the right to buy better instruments and equipment. They do so in order to perform better at their shows–shows you pay for. Don’t take that right from them. If you really need to put your hands around something, pick up drunk girls (or guys) at your nearest dance club, or buy a fucking hot dog.


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12 Responses to “UPDATED: The “green” in “green room” is NOT for envy”

  1. The Spilken8r Says:

    Lame. Lame lame lame lame LAME!

    Fucking dirtbags.

  2. Monkey [STFU!] Says:

    DAMN IT… indeed this seems to be waaay to common. I can’t even count the times I’ve heard of bands having their equipment stolen – sometimes not just one thing, sometimes it ALL goes…

    Putting on a show is hard work and fast-paced, it’s very difficult to keep an eye on everything to be sure that it’s secure.

    I hope they find out who took the guitar – someone should get a well-deserved beat-down… preferably using a much less expensive guitar as a bludgeoning device…

  3. John Paul Says:

    What’s really sad is how long I had to work to pay for that guitar… and I got a ridiculously good deal on it as well. There’s no way in hell I’d ever be able to pay for a guitar like that at regular price.

    That guitar has a crack in the back of the body, about 12″ long starting from the plug edge. That’s the distinguishing mark if you happen to see it. It’s a Taylor 714 CE.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. chuckmo Says:

    That’s awful. Unfortunately, honest people that would turn it in don’t typically befriend clepto jerks.

    Here’s hoping he sells it to a pawn shop you frequent, JP =\

  5. eric Says:

    Well shit the bed, that really sucks. I’m pretty paranoid someones going robe me blind one day while I’m out eating biscuits and gravy.

    I’m sure you know this, but you should call all the music stores Monday morning and let them know, with a s/n if you have it. If you bought it from a store call and try to get the serial number, they should have it. Store’s like Hoover Music have been seeing a lot of people trying to sell stuff lately. I’m sure it’s because of the economic recession. Watch the craigslist and ebay as well!

    Good luck!

  6. grant Says:

    whoever did it picked his guitar over my sax (probably because my horn was still assembled). i feel awful, i’ve left belongings in that room so many times that i can’t keep track of it. This is the first time i’ve been aware of someone ganking something from it. I realize the probability of us finding it is very very low, but i hope to do so and spend some quality time with the thief. i promise i’ll get right back to being an easy going guy. just give me ten minutes.

    on a side note, thanks to everyone for making the show so great (except for the larceny at the end).

  7. Erik Says:

    That’s so crappy.

    I’m thinking about putting one of those GPS Child Tracker Implants in my guitar, now.

  8. Shawn Says:

    I got a really nice silver trigger-trombone stolen from me at the Ballroom a few months back, and someone had the cajones to take it off the stage while we were loading out. That was a $900 kick in the dick.

  9. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    I’m still getting back to par after somebody ganked my laptop from HighLife about 6 months ago. It almost took out the Platinum Social Club. I may work for a Mac dealer, but I can’t SHIT a laptop anytime somebody decides that want a heavily password protected paperweight full of musical software they prolly have no idea how to use….

    It is really evil to steal from local musicians. Evil in the “not cool cooperate skulls and cross bones” kinda way. The evil that will leave a person kinda sick. These sometimes aren’t just instruments or lively-hoods; they are the culmination of many years hard work (probably doing something we hate) to EARN these precious devices that let us express ourselves better.

    If I could make the music that is in me with a Fender Squire and a cig-box amp, you could steal my shit all day I suppose. But I don’t. The music inside me won’t come out without that fucking $2000 Mac, the $800 amp…..all those pedals…..

    Speaking of robbery and how we don’t need to be robbed:
    Venue owners need to watch the fine line between crook and good club owners as well. If you have an agreement on a payment with a band, don’t fuck them at the end of the night. It’s not that much different than walking into that empty greenroom and wrapping your fingers around the guitar case handle…..

  10. grant Says:

    can you imagine working somewhere else and having the terms change? even better, while you’re scrubbing those toilets, the terms changed and they went ahead and let you finish. gotta love that.

    anyway, all’s well that end well. sorta. JP located his guitar today. after the due process take it’s course (could be up to a year), the ‘alleged’ ass clown will see his day i court. it’s funny, when you go in a pawn shop, you’re on video tape.

  11. Erik Says:

    Wow, that’s really great news. Glad he found the perpetrator and more importantly his guitar.

  12. Scott P. Says:

    hope that guy goes to jail!

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