Rock Talk’s One Year Anniversary Show: Now longer, with an intro song (again), and with about 700% more profanity


kzrqrocktalklogo1True story: To celebrate the one-year birthday of Z106.7’s Rock Talk, we bought birthday cups, blowers than somehow didn’t make noise, party hats (yup, we even wore them), an enormous Star Wars card… and a fifth of Wild Turkey. What ensued is arguably the funniest, most zany and engaging show we’ve ever done. BIG thanks to the show’s former co-host, J.R. Top of Sweetwater Abilene, for coming back from the Great American Wilderness to sit in and take things off the comedic (and FCC) charts.

Not only that, Do Tell & the Rumors came in and played two phenomenal acoustic jams during the broadcast ahead of their show at Sparrows this Friday night. Oh, and did we mention the show is now expanding to TWO hours, with more songs by local artists and big-ticket acts passing through than ever before? We think that leaves no good reason not to click the link below and partake in the madness.

12/7/08 Part 1

12/7/08 Part 2

12/7/08 Part 3

12/7/08 Part 4

12/7/08 Part 5

12/7/08 Part 6

Also, don’t forget you can look up past episodes in our archives! Search by category under “106.7’s Rock Talk” and listen away.


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3 Responses to “Rock Talk’s One Year Anniversary Show: Now longer, with an intro song (again), and with about 700% more profanity”

  1. New music from Do Tell & the Rumors « Says:

    […] By thederosh We haven’t heard much from Do Tell & the Rumors since their appearance on the one-year anniversary edition of Rock Talk, but we received word this morning of a few updates. First, the band released a new song today, […]

  2. The Finally Surface: Do Tell & The Rumors releas album to iTunes « Says:

    […] The Finally Surface: Do Tell & The Rumors releas album to iTunes By thederosh Just days before their much-anticipated–and sold out–performance at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery opening for Carter Hulsey and NeverShoutNever Saturday night, Do Tell & The Rumors hits us with a total blindside: a new album. Called simply Do Tell & The Rumors: Demos, the seven-song EP is available for $6.93 (or $0.99 per song–surprise!) and, strangely, lists a release date of January 18, 2009. Regardless, pick up a copy and get familiar with the tunes ahead of Saturday’s show; the MySpace page (linked above) contains a link to iTunes for purchase. Or, if you’d like to hear how they sound in a more, um, intimate setting, click here and open the links to segments 3 and 4. […]

  3. Rock Talk (5/31/09): Matt Browning (formerly of Brand of Freak), Kathryn for Sounds on the Square & Storyline « Says:

    […] but this past Sunday’s episode was probably the most unpredictable we’ve had since the slightly infamous anniversary episode. Not only did we have our guests on in the reverse of the order intended, we had one guest (Matt […]

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