New Sylabol 7 album coming in January


From the shadows, he emerges...

From the shadows, he emerges...

We had a rare but welcome sighting recently: Sylabol 7, who informed us his new album will be ready to drop on January 27. The new CD, titled Seems Yesterday Lives, will have 19 tracks, a host of top-shelf guest perofrmers and producers, turntable work by DJ Nick Fury and more. Everything you could want to know comes after the break.

The track listing looks like this:

01. Intro (produced by Sylabol7, cuts by Nick Fury)
02. Seems Yesterday Lives (produced by Bullion)
03. Seven Days a Week (feat. Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, produced by Sylabol7)
04. 65804 (produced by Linus)
05. Official Business (produced by Joker 70 of The Human Cropcircles)
06. Used a Gun (feat. King Magnetic & Little Vic, produced by King Magnetic)
07. Aint So (Produced by Linus)
08. Midnight Wind (feat. Les Izmore, produced by Agent Traxxident)
09. Ace of Wands (produced by Sylabol7)
10. ODOT Smokefest (feat. Copywrite and King Dom, produced by Copywrite)
11. Almost There (produced by Madlib)
12. Neurotic Pharm Founders (feat. Killuh E)
13. Junior Stillow (produced by Sylabol7)
14. What Goes Around (feat. Sincerely Yours, produced by DaShin)
15. Fight The Feeling (produced by 9th Wonder)
16. Sonny Chiba (produced by Linus)
17. Cannonball (feat. Redman, produced by Sylabol7)
18. Afraid of Me (feat. Vic Hernandez, produced by Sylabol7)
19. outro (produced by Sylabol7)

To recap: Among the producers you see in that list are Madlib (produced for MF Doom, Talib Kweli and Ghostface Killah, among others), 9th Wonder (produced for De La Soul, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Mary J. Blige, MURS, EPMD…), King Magnetic (produced for KRS-One, Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, Sean Price), as well as Syl’s own production work and more. Looking for guest rappers you might know? Did the name Redman strike you? You might also recognize the names Vast Aire and Copywrite, as well as familiar locals such as SincerelyYours, the late Killuh E and local-turned-KC-artist Les Izmore.

Also, here’s an interesting fact: Seems Yesterday Lives, the name of the new album, is the first three letters of the acronym SYLABOL7: “Seems Yesterday Lives And Breathes Off: Life, Love, Learning, Laughter, Lies, Luck, Lust (seven Ls).” Don’t wanna wait for a chance to hear tracks from the new album? Click here to get the sneak peek.

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6 Responses to “New Sylabol 7 album coming in January”

  1. notimpressed Says:

    So…he has enough money to buy guest appearances? Don’t be confused into thinking he is friends w/ talented people, or that their presence somehow imbibed him with talent.

    • notimpressed Says:

      … That is no SH@T, He is quick to impress with his flashy Guest List. BOO! I bet you if Gave I cannot wait to rate this amazing piece of sh*t when it hits! (my rendition of an OUt-take

      “hey, I got someone who is putting me On!” – ” Check It, WORD!” ” I walk thru Every Track LIKe A Zombie” “Don’t Test Me, Cause I might be Hungry” “EAtin on your Chicken, Cause like P. G. Hugger’s, I am down to Getting My … “Wait, Did you Record That!!!” Hit Stop, I have to bash everyone, Wait, I know, I’ll Just send REDMAN some cash… he’ll jump in and save my a$$!! Maybe then, no-one will think I am a P.G.T.H!”

      – This DUDE is whack, The best words I got for this Expensive Piece of Plastic. Get get some more training Cause your Image is TRAGIC, or Maybe you can start a poll, who is on this Track is it “ME” or “Aesop Rock” on this TRACK OF MAGIC!!

  2. notimpressed Says:

    … And the wait, just what we expected. This album is a waste of PLASTIC. Pure Garbage, the mediocrity within the stanza, and the hype. We young public are contained by a reclusive no-one, with the constant re-interating of “PAST”- “HITS”, and continued recycling of lyrics. If you are a conscious consumer, “PLEASE, Do not BELIEVE the Rumor. This guy is a waste of air, time & $7.99!!! This Album has it’s relatively un-named lame down tuned Lyrical intro claiming to be a legend of some sort, best part is he rep’s a city in another city, in which if you know or heard any previous tracks… “It’s HIS City”, but claims another city as a King, and or a Native. Enough about the intro. Track #2- S.Y.L= an unmixed(or poorly Done) let’s you know just what you bought into, that this dude has no conceptual Drive, his flow is more like a balance of “White Guy” cool, and nursery school ryhmes… certainly leaves you wondering if yesterday really lived! Track #3- 65804= … one line from this Song ended it for me, “Betty said she’d rather Hitch hIke than Ride in my Chevy”. at least he Kept it Real! Track #4- Feelin my Age= The Beat is Evidently “Evidence” and is the “Realiest” Track, and brings you back to what made this dude a (semi)success, the story told is Solid, and Real as Hell! Makes complete sense, and leaves me to wonder why the intro-up would’ve made this impact. Song is Single worthy! Track #5= is again Poorly Mixed, and we’re still on why … so the Flow to this album is non-existent!!! Track #6- Smokefest= A classic King-Dom Verse, Copywrite is way quality. The Beat, well Mixed and hot Shit. Heres the thing about the SyLabol7 verse, or actually the “3” things … he has a repeating pattern or a gliche, its pills, porn stars, and from the sounds of it, shit he downloaded or has never done other than maybe split weed watch porn star and Fuck”Strags”. Weak!!! Track#7- Sonny Chiba= Sounds like a “Good Tribute”, but hell i guess all the Bruce Lee Jams have been Done! ** (2stars) … Thats enough for now… This album to this point is Whack!!! Has it’s point’s, but i honestly Believe this guy has a long, and Missouri-BOUND Future.

    • Scott P. Says:

      thanks for your thought, but you’re a perfect example of a major problem with indy artists…talking shit. the more you talk shit, the less anyone will give a shit about who you’re talking about AND YOU. word of the wise, don’t make a habit of it. grow up and be more mature.

  3. notimpressed Says:

    Scott thank you. I should not be enraged to wait so long to be let down, and should be more mature about indy artists who make a life out of speaking on others to point out the raw truth about the album (or waste of Plastic)… I believe it was a let down @ best and we should expect better out of artists that are held in such high Regard? I have no Problem with Local, Indy or Underground, I do unfortunately have a problem with Shitty local Grit, posing on a mainstream underground Bus Pass. I want to Hear some iconic speratic HIP HOP, a Man worthy of a Door Fee, a Real Fuckin MC!!! THe Album is Pooorly Done, and critique is just that an Opinion. I say it’s wack and you probably never bought it!!! So keep your finger on the pulse there Scott, and let me know when it Jumps OFF. Because, for right now, that is Garbage, and the next one I hope goes Gold. Because, I (with my Critique) will be just one less unit Sold!!


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