5 Responses to “The breaks keep coming: The Sociables officially on hiatus”

  1. grant Says:

    holy shit.

  2. Scott P. Says:

    tears. truly a sad loss.

    talked more with a few of the members and they are very excited about the solo projects coming out of this as well. some new, some already existing but they hadn’t had time to focus on.

    so at least we have that…in this baren sea of lack of funk

  3. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    The Hiphoppafunkasaurus sleeps again……….

    …..but are there prophecies of a Second Coming??

    We must search the Scrolls of Socianomicon.

    It was an awesome run and we had a great time being the funksters of Springtown, but you will see all of us again, coalesced into new groupings and as individuals. The fellas I got to work with in The Sociables are all VERY talented.

    All farewelling aside, you can STILL catch us at the Homegrown on December 6th and at Sertoma’s Chili Cookoff in February.

    And there’s still the PSC meetings every Wednesday at HighLife……love that shit.

    Love, harmony and good ass to you all,
    Johnny Bukkake

  4. Shadow Says:

    😦 I haven’t got to see them ENOUGH!!!

  5. Grandmaster Thwiz Says:

    As the art guy for these chaps, it was definitely a fun source of inspiration –and a fuck’n hell of a live show. Perhaps hell needn’t freeze over for the funk to return to Springtown.

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