A Day Away Is No More


a-day-awayIt’s been a tough year for local music in terms of big-drawing acts coming to an end. We lost Playing With Matches in the spring, The Whitest Light last week and now comes the news that A Day Away is completely done.

We say completely because, to be honest, the band never made an official announcement to that effect; Kevin and Tommy formed Can’t Be Too Jumpy, but no clarification came forth as to the status of ADA. Guitarist Blake Duncan tells us that, ironically, the band’s last show was the fundraising gig for drummer Tommy after he was hit by a car a few weeks ago. The show didn’t even bring the full band onstage; with Tommy injured, the group was forced to play an acoustic set.

It’s an anticlimactic finish, to be sure. This, after all, was the same band that dazzled audience and judges with its dynamic show at the first GO Music Awards Best Band competition, drew good crowds for its other domestic shows and was a hit in Japan, as well. Hopefully Kevin and Tommy can pick up with Can’t Be Too Jumpy where A Day Away left off, and Blake, Jake and Cory find success in their future endeavors, as well.

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2 Responses to “A Day Away Is No More”

  1. Katie Says:

    That’s too bad. Atleast Can’t Be Too Jumpy will continue.

  2. dotell Says:

    good guys. great music.

    i was at the last show, my band actually opened the show.

    they played so good and had such funny stories!

    love those boys.

    good luck!

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