This week’s Rock Talk on 106.7 — FourFourFest recap



This week, as always, 106.7 support local music for an entire hour. And just to show ya how nice they are, they let us tag along for some reason. Well we love it!

This week, we recap and discuss the first ever local music festival, the FourFourFest. Listen in to find out how it went, what impressed us the most and hear acts that performed at the festival. Tell everyone you know.

Listen in to this week’s episode below. Remember, you can listen to past episodes (at least the last 2 months or so by clicking the “Rock Talk” tag below). Thank you for supporting. Please pass word on.

rocktalk111608 part1-1
rocktalk111608 part1-2
rocktalk111608 part2-1
rocktalk111608 part2-2
rocktalk111608 part3-1
rocktalk111608 part3-2 

Listen to Rock Talk every Sunday night at 10pm on Z 106.7 with Stoma and Scott and Chris from


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2 Responses to “This week’s Rock Talk on 106.7 — FourFourFest recap”

  1. grant Says:

    gentleman, if everything went as well as things went at patton, i must say, great success! hi- five!

  2. thederosh Says:

    Thanks, Grant, and a big high-five back, to you and everyone who participated. We put together the show, but you all made it a party.

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