One More for the Radio



There you go, Stoma. You got your headline. For anyone not named Stoma, the last bit will make more sense after you listen to last night’s Z106.7 Rock Talk with The Whitest Light. Brannon Powers, Micky Hardy and Brandon Little dropped by the studio to reminisce, play songs from their catalog and talk about their new project, Monkeybounce.

Okay, the last part was kind of a lie… we think. Anyway, the guys gave a great interview (including a cameo by drummer Ian O’Connell for a wicked impersonation) ahead of the band’s farewell concert at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery this Friday, November 14. (NOTE: Go to this show. It will sell out, and if you miss it you will not get to see TWL perform again.) Naturally, we made mention of the fact that Brannon will be performing at Ebbets Field during Four Four Fest this Saturday, as well. Don’t look at us like that; we do these things for your benefit. Perform a clicking-esque motion on the link below to hear the full hilarity of last night’s program. You won’t be disappointed.


Enjoy! Be sure to tune in next Sunday at 10pm. Tell some friends and have them come take a listen or stream here on TheFourFour!


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