Ground Xero lives up to its name Wednesday. Get ready for Green Jelly!


green-jelly-concert-small…by which we don’t mean some icky past-expiration-date food, but rather the mid-’90s rock phenomenon that will finally return to grace a Springfield stage. If you’re new to the band, it’s a comedy metal/punk group that has been around since the early ’80s (previously known as Green Jello), but got its “big break” when a radio station played “Three Little Pigs” as a joke in 1992. A spot at MTV’s Headbangers Ball followed, and the rest is history, you might say.

It’s especially worth noting the band’s legacy; the band laid the foundation for later acts such as Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.

They broke up years later, but are on a 135-date reunion tour this year… which happens to be coming to Ground Xero this Wednesday night. “Epic” does not begin to describe this development. If you don’t already have tickets, chances aren’t very good that you can change that, but we highly suggest calling 417-869-4960 to find out. If you need more incentive, click the link below.

Here’s the video for the band’s breakthrough, “Three Little Pigs.” Takin’ ya back to the early ’90s, people!


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3 Responses to “Ground Xero lives up to its name Wednesday. Get ready for Green Jelly!”

  1. Monkey [STFU!] Says:

    Tickets are available at Stick It and I have a few at a discount if anyone gets in touch before the show.


  2. Monkey [STFU!] Says:

    Photos Posted at

  3. thederosh Says:

    This, Monkey, is just one reason why you’re awesome. Hopefully after the festival (or, more likely, USING the festival), Scott and I can regenerate some new-photo traffic on the FourFour public and in-house Flickr pages. We won’t be camera-less much longer.

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