It’s Official: Q102 Homegrown Returns December 6


homegrownWelcome back to the way we were. Q102.1‘s lauded Homegrown concert series brought legions of music fans to the station’s well-promoted-yet-oh-so-cheap shows, paying little more than a dollar to see the live-music party of the week. It all comes rushing back to life November 21 December 6 at the High Life and the Outland.

Hold the phone, DeRosh. What’s with the line-through-the-text thing? Didn’t you give the full lineup before?

Sure did. Get the full breakdown after the clickthrough.

The lineup for the first Homegrown show on December 6 isn’t announced yet; our previous listing was given to us in error. The bands are playing the venues, but in different events. The Sociables will play the first show of the High Life’s new live-music era November 21, followed by a concert of McGill and the Dirty Blondes on November 22. The Homegrown revival show is currently in the works as a combination of shows at the Outland complex, using the High Life, Outland and possibly the Outland Ballroom to host the event.

The December 6 show is significant for several reasons. First, obviously, is the aforementioned return of Q102’s concert series, heavily promoted in-house and putting the spotlight on worthy local acts. It’s been a long time coming at Q; the station recently began its “15 Minutes of Fame” local-music block during Shadow’s nighttime program, and the concert series is another step through the local-music door.

The other important event here is the transformation of the High Life Martini Lounge, a move we can’t overstate the significance of. Ladies and gentlemen, Scotty Dickinson is back in the live music business. Those among us who have been going to shows for many years will remember Dickinson from his involvement at the Juke Joint and at the Regency Showcase before that. Both were, in their time, among the premier places to catch a show in the city, but when the Juke Joint was sold and remade into the Rockwell, Dickinson took on managing the High Life and kept a lower profile. It took a few years, but he finally got restless and is diving back into putting on shows in his club. This is a boon to ALL genres in the local scene; Dickinson may be a rock guy at heart, but he knows good music of all kinds when he hears it, and he likely won’t hesitate to welcome any act of quality. Welcome back, Scotty. Live music missed you.

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One Response to “It’s Official: Q102 Homegrown Returns December 6”

  1. grant Says:

    scottie lives!

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