Album Review: Salvation Club, by Jeremy Larson


Few, if any, artists in local music write for resonance the way Jeremy Larson does. From soaring choruses to lush, multilayered instrumentation–all played by Larson himself–to lyrical content, every song comes across as a scrapbook page from a man keenly aware of life’s impermanence. Larson’s first album, Jeremy Larson, expressed the wistful side of that awareness more often than not. With Salvation Club, Larson has retained every trademark of his writing and performance style while creating a work of broader emotional range.

Larson wastes no time displaying the difference; the album’s opening track, “Exposition,” might rank among the most upbeat he has ever committed to record. “Wintersong” follows in lockstep, if not musically so much as in lyrical content, finding joy and personal redemption in love. The undeniably catchy piano-and-drums bounce of “Footsteps” will have listeners bobbing their heads and tapping their feet. Even Larson’s voice sounds more at peace at times, comfortable in its own skin if a bit weathered by life at times, as we find in songs such as “Immovable.”

One recurring theme of Salvation Club is that of religion–Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil and, by extension, good and bad. Even more thematically prevalent, however, is the inevitable passage of time. At 27, Larson has the ability to reflect on life with an intimate detail and sepia-toned reverence that still escapes many men twice his age or more. In Larson’s songs, nothing remains as it is in this moment or in moments before, and life is never easy but is usually worth the difficulty. A life well-lived is often only appreciated upon reflection, and that appreciation comes through in every meticulously composed, delicately crafted and resonant song.


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2 Responses to “Album Review: Salvation Club, by Jeremy Larson”

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    […] an unfortunate footnote to an otherwise good evening and, in our opinion, a very good album. We just hope the clouds clear soon and Salvation Club finds its way into listeners’ hands […]

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    […] and the delirious good time at the CD release show at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery, Larson’s new album, Salvation Club, was shelved when Larson discovered the album art did not give the correct track listing. […]

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