When people need you even more than music does


We received an urgent call-to-action message earlier this evening, and you know how we are about causes. They don’t get much more direct than a family in need, and local music–including one band not seen onstage in a long time–is coming together Friday night to help such a family. They need your help, too. Click through for more information, including who’s playing and why.

Here’s what we received:

please come support a family who just lost their father and husband to cancer.
they are under a lot of stress financially…
any help would be appreciated
please repost this flyer anywhere and everywhere
for more info please read the blog at
www. myspace. com/zer0agenda

You read that right: Ilijah is slated to play this benefit with Kyle Lacy, James Madison Quartet and We Voyager at Common Ground in the Elfindale Plaza on West Sunshine. It’s an unusual, last-minute welcome-back show, but we see why. These are hard times for everyone financially, and couple that hardship with a.) losing as important a cog in a family as a husband/father, and b.) removing one person who can help keep the family financially afloat, and it’s a crisis. By coming, you’re literally putting food on this family’s plate. Trust us; five dollars can buy as many as three boxes of Rice-A-Roni. That’s just one person’s cover charge. It’s an early show, so it won’t interfere with any late plans, either. Get out and help. You’ll see us there.


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