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For the last few weeks there’s been an unanswered question at Four Four HQ: Who the heck is As Of Now? Their promo material seems to be everywhere we look, and we look in a lot of directions and places. The last time we were this caught off guard by a band’s self-promotion prowess was Greedy Fleet a couple of years ago. Seriously, there are fliers everywhere for these guys and their CD release party coming up Saturday, and we’ve never heard of them so much as putting on a show before. (Apparently they have, however.) Luckily, someone caught wind of such dumbfoundedness and decided to do something about it: none other than local video-taking fave Blondie. Not only did she set up an interview with lead singer Mallory Bailey, she wrote it up and sent it to us. It takes a band known mostly from its two-dimensional promos plastered everywhere and makes it seem, well, real. The full interview follows after the link.

After hearing a low rumbling of “Who is As Of Now?”, I decided to take it upon myself to check them out and bring some answers to the inquisitive masses. As Of Now  is a relatively new, up-and-coming alternative rock band based in Springfield, Missouri. Members are Tyson Dummermuth, guitar; Dennis Knapp, bass; Tim Keller, drums and hot female singer/guitarist, Mallory Bailey (or as Q102 describes her, “a fine-assed little lady”). Busy recording a new CD over the past few months, As Of Now is, as of now, ready to blast back into the live downtown music scene.

I caught up with the beautiful and vivacious Mallory Bailey for an interview to learn a little more about the band.

Blondie: Where did your band name come from?

Mallory: At the time we didn’t have a name yet, and the boys were at the Saosin and Red Jumpsuit concert in 2007 and a girl asked what the name of our band was. Dennis replied with “As of now, we don’t have a name yet.” Then they all realized that’s what we should be called.

B: How long has your band been together?

M: A year and six months (March of 07)

B: Are you all from the Springfield area?

M: I’m from Lebanon, MO. Tyson and Tim are from California, MO. Dennis is from Festus, MO, close to St. Louis.

B: How did you all meet and decide to form a band?

M: Dennis and I met our freshman year (in college) in a recording class taught by Darci Stevens. Tim and Tyson met me at a house gathering and knew that she (Darci) had been playing in an acoustic band with her friend Sarah Slaton. They asked if I ever wanted to play in a full band and I said I was interested. They Facebooked me the next day and I called Dennis right away. It went so fast from there!

B: What do you think of the Springfield downtown music scene?

M: It seems to have its ups and downs. Right now we’d like to see more venues open. We just want to play as much as possible and having more venues and people to come out to listen would really help out.

B: Who were some of your early music influences?

M: Mine were artists such as Michelle Branch when I first started playing at the age of 10. From there it went to harder music like Mudvayne and 10 years and such. Now I’m into almost every single artist you could name. Dennis I know liked more punkish music, and Tim and Tyson were into harder stuff as well. We kind of evened each other out when we met.

B: What do think makes or breaks a band’s success?

M: Finding a sound and getting along definitely makes or breaks you. It took us almost eight months to really figure out our sound. We all had different opinions when we first started, and we still do, but it’s all a part of life I guess. We fight like family and make up soon after. Love is a big part of our success. We not only love the music we make together, but also each other. It just amazes me that four different minds can write music like this… I’m so lucky.

B: You are releasing a new CD on Sept. 27th at the Outland Ballroom. Is this a first CD for As of Now?

M: Actually, we recorded a CD the first six months we were together. It didn’t turn out the way we wanted to. Plus, it was early in the game for us. We thought we sounded so good on that CD, but then 12 months later we record again and realize how much better we’ve gotten. It’s like night and day. Not that our first CD was terrible by any means, but our new CD shows how much we’ve grown!

B: Who writes your music?

M: It definitely is a combination of all of us. I write the lyrics, Dennis and Tyson write guitar and bass parts, and Tim breaks it down on the drums. Everything just kind of falls in place.

B: Where does the inspiration for song ideas come from?

M: My lyrics can come from heartbreak, love, experiences, family, or friend issues. Pretty much anything and everything in my life I can write a song about. Dennis and Tyson write songs that correlate to their moods at the time. I love every bit of it. Tim gets the feel from us-and of course he’s our backbone.

B: Where did you record your new CD?

M: Engaged Audio with Kevin Gates

B: How much time did you spend in the studio?

M: More hours that we can count

B: Will you be touring with this CD release?

M: We aim to do some touring through pretty much any state possible next summer after Dennis and I graduate from Missouri State University.

B: Why did you choose the Ballroom for the kick off of your tour?

M: Jimmy and Kevin run the Ballroom amazingly (is that a word?). Snap, the sound tech, knows exactly how to run our sound and always does a great job with it. I know some bartenders and people that run the door too. It’s just always a good time there.

B: While on tour, what do you do to pass the time between shows?

M: Listen to Dennis talk. HA! We either talk about what our plans for upcoming shows are or what we aim to do the night of a show as far as stage presence and crowd interaction.

B: Where are some of your fave places to play?

M: The Blue Note in Columbia is an awesome venue. We’d play there any day. The Outland Ballroom of course is always a top favorite, as well as Lindberg’s who are always so good to us.

B: What has been your most memorable show to date?

M: Probably our first show. I remember how nervous we all were and the huge crowd we had. It was at Tim and Tyson’s church with close to 200 kids in the crowd. We have it on video and make fun of ourselves. ha

B: What’s the craziest thing a fan has done at one of your shows?

M: Nothing too crazy worth mentioning yet. If someone who reads this goes streaking at one of our shows, I’ll pull you onstage with me and propose to you.

B: Are there any special rituals or habits you do before a show to pump up?

M: We paint our nails black and make sure to ride together to each show. After we load in and sound check we all kind of separate and think about the show and focus on making it even better than the last.

B: What is ahead for As Of Now?

M: Hopefully a full album release within the next year, touring next summer, and of course we are wanting to get signed. Playing music for the rest of our lives is the best thing we could ever hope for and the one thing we want more than anything.

B: Where can fans buy your CD after the show?

M: Of course all of our new merch will be available at the show. We plan on hanging out and talking to fans after we play that night also. We are selling CDs and T-shirts online at http://www.asofnowmusic.com if there are some people that aren’t able to make it out.

B: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

M: You have no idea how much you mean to us. Every single one of you, even if we don’t know you personally, is the reason why we keep pushing on. You feed us with what we need and make us feel like we make a difference. Come introduce yourselves and chat with us after shows that you’re at; we’d love to get to know you!

So there you have it. I hope that this has helped answer the question of “Who is As Of Now?”. With a new CD, original rock and oozing sex appeal, I’m sure soon everyone will want to get to know As Of Now up close and personal. And don’t forget to do something crazy, like, maybe… streak? I’ll be sure to catch it and the onstage proposal on video.

Be sure to see them live at their CD release party at the Outland Ballroom, September 27th, 8 pm.



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