Review: I’m Not Sorry, by the Dirty Blondes


…nor should they be. Read why after clicking the link.

The Dirty Blondes‘ brand of punk rock is that gloriously, unashamedly raw, semi-sexual kind the Stooges made famous in the ’70s. They don’t have the political bent of some punk bands or the unaimed-haymaker anger of others. No, this is oops-is-that-my-penis-hanging-out sonic debauchery, brought to you in ten parts with a surprisingly full and muscular sound.

I say surprisingly because the band’s chaotic live show often distracts from the music, with both the band and the audience whipped into a jumping, flailing frenzy. So now that you have a minute to not slam-dance, take a listen to the five guys playing the songs. These are veteran musicians playing–several going back to the days of the Walnut Street Gang–led by the twin-guitar sound of Timmy Miano and Brian Azevedo and ably backed by bassist Nathan Mattney and drummer Renton Fallstaff. Add Ran Ives doing his best channeling of Iggy Pop (if Iggy were trying to sound like a less-full-of-himself Glenn Danzig) and you get a combustible mix. It’s harnessed enough on record to actually enhance the listening experience, however, without taking away the desire to hear the songs live in all their chaos. For that reason, at least, I’m Not Sorry belongs on any local punk fan’s CD shelf.


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