Murphy’s law, fried chicken, New Jersey road rage and more! …Speakeasy blogs about their recent tour


Springfield’s favorite jamaliciously rockin-and-always-a-damn-good-time band is back in town! Thank BaJeezus! We’re especially excited b/c we got to stop by a long-standing tradition of Shawn Eckels & Friends at Ebbett’s Field last night. Chris nabbed a ton of pics and they’ll be up as soon as he can borrow Panera’s WiFi for a bit. 

BUT! Back on topic, Speakesy just returned from, what sounds like, an awesome summer tour with their good friends from NY, Super 400. They just posted a blog telling all about it…including a van named “Murphy,” Jersey road rage, thousands of miles, fried chicken…and washers. DAMN, need any roadies?

From Speakeasy’s latest blog on their myspace:


SuperEasy summer tour 08 in the books!


It’s late August, and our 3& 1/2 week summer tour with Troy, NY power trio Super 400 has been over for a couple of weeks now.  This past July was one of the busiest months the Easy has ever seen, and I needed some serious decompression time before tackling this blizzog.  But to put it in perspective, we hit 10 states, 16 cities, and covered thousands of miles in just over 3 weeks.  There were 3 legs, one in the northeast, one in MO, and one in the south.

Of course, no extensive tour that we embark upon would be complete without Murphy(our sorry excuse for transportation) having some major go wrong each week of the tour at the most inopportune times……the movie “the Money Pit” comes to mind…..we chose to name the van Murphy not long after we got it because Murphy’s Law was and still is directly applicable to this piece of rolling excrement.  Anything(and everything) that could possibly go wrong has never failed to since we’ve owned it., and it has brought with it nothing but utter anguish, and has done nothing but cause us undue mental & emotional stress, not to mention the mounds of dollars it has cost us.  It’s unbreakable stranglehold on our finances continues still.  We hate it, and we curse the greedy, miserable souls who sold it to us.       The prosecution rests.

Vehicle trouble notwithstanding the tour was as Borat says “great success”  and “nice” .  the Super 400 is a kick ass rock band , and we wish them nothing but the best of fortune.  Our tour started in their hometown of Troy, NY.  There were lots of people there, and it was great fun.  We continued on to Garwood & Asbury Park, NJ, Cambridge & Worcester, MA, and also in Manhattan & Albany, NY.  We stayed with our good friend Frank @ his house in rural New Jersey and enjoyed numerous games of washers, episodes of Hogan’s Heroes, Match Game, & other tv relics from a bygone era.  Frank was extremely gracious and generous to us and we’d love to visit him again soon.  While we were traveling, we experienced a savory moment of east coast attitude.  While we were pulling out of a gas station, we got to exchange pleasentries with one of the locals. we got a loud “UP YOURS!”  in a thick Jersey accent.(of course Ryan egged him on) Just that alone made the trip worth it.

Our trek continued in our territory with shows in Springfield, Columbia & KC, Mo, and Fayetteville, AR.  Those were all fun shows, and we were glad to introduce our crowd to the rockin Super 400.  We then sailed into Dixie with shows in Oxford MS, Tuscaloosa AL, Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, where our friend Mark treated us to the delicious Fox Bros. BBQ, and finished up in Memphis TN, our home away from home, and the home of Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.  I know there’s lots of awesome places to eat in Memphis, but Gus’s has become a tradition for us, and if you’re in the area, we vehemently encourage you to eat there.

Anyhoo, the tour was a great experience for all of us, and we hope to rock with the Super 400 again soon. 

til’ next time,  keep it between the ditches, Easy Nation!

see ya on the road! 


Speakeasy will play a number of shows throughout the midwest before returning to Springfield for a show at Patton Alley Pub on Saturday, September 13. Keep it up guys. hearts you.

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