The rumor mill is hot today….A Springfield must-see is no more


So a few little birdies has spread some word our way that a major player in the local music scene has broken up. Find out who….(this one is gonna hurt)

So we hear from a number of credible sources that The Murlesque has broken up. And now while typing this post we get their latest Myspace blog confirming the breakup of The Mulesque. Read….

Well this is the end of the road for Murlesque. We don’t have the time or resources it takes to become a full time band with all the bells and wistles and our frustrations have been eating away at us for so long that we have become jaded and almost numb to the almost daily aggravations of simple things like paying practice space rent on time, communicating like a band, keeping members in the band, having gear, or just making it to band practice.

I know that some of us have the drive to continue following their dreams of a life in a touring band and we wish them all the luck in the world and will always be behind them 100%. I also know some of us have lived that dream and are now at the point in our lives where it seems like nothing more than selfishness to keep plugging away at something we don’t really have the patience for anymore. We need to focus on things that have become more and more important to us over the past few years like finally growing up enough to focus on preparing for our futures. Some of us can’t work in kitchens for all our lives.

We will always be involved in music but now we want to do it for fun with no pressure to get merch or a van or any of that stuff. Just to make music and not have any worries.

We also have 3 new songs that for now will go unrecorded unfortunately although I have been throwing around the idea of trying to put out a split EP with Full Count so hopefully that will pan out.

Thank you for all the support and love you have ever shown us (even when we’ve played like crap)! We will cherish these memories forever! KEEP ON SUPPORTING LOCAL MUSIC EVEN IF THE “SCENE” IS NOT “COOL” ANYMORE! THESE KIDS ARE DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC AND NOT FOR YOUR KUDOS!!!

Thanks and Much Love,


So that’s it. Another (ANOTHER!) amazing band in Springfield is no more.


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