SSLYBY – New Video – Free Spfld Show and….


Good to hear from our friends in SSLYBY again. Our local music celebs recently returned from tour. See what they’re up to now. I’ll give you a hint…it’s in the title.

From a SSLYBY Myspace bulletin:

Modern Mystery music video:
It comes out tomorrow (Thursday) on Pitchfork TV.

Here’s a link:
http://pitchfork. tv/ 
(probably click on music video)

You can order our new t-shirts here:
http://www. undertowstore. com/artist/someone-still-loves-you-boris-yeltsin

Free Springfield Show on Sunday:
We’re playing at a rally for Roseann Bentley. She’s running for county commissioner. She let us record our CD at her house.
Her platform is rock ‘n roll! We’ll play from 4 to 5:30 and it’s FREE! And there will probably be a speech!

Chicago Show…August 16:
I forgot to post this on our main page…we’re playing The Raven festival in Chicago on Saturday, August 16 at Chase park at 6pm. It’s all ages and only $5. Proceeds will help build and restore playgrounds in Chicago. White Rabbits, Chin Up Chin Up, and Tapes N’ Tapes are also playing for the shorties.

Sounds good and looks good to us guys. Keep it up! We’ll be there Sunday!


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