Review: Stone Dead, by the Filthy Thirds


Sounding equal parts Lemmy Kilmister and James Hetfield (with an occasional touch of Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir), Filthy Thirds singer Trent Wilson launches his band into “Turn Me Into Stone,” the first of Stone Dead‘s ten Satan-and-death-obsessed tracks. Click the link to read the rest. (Metal-lovers, you won’t be dissapointed!)

From start to finish, the album is the sonic embodiment of everything your parents warned you about; it’s dangerous, vile, violent, primal, loud and fast… and these all coalesce to make it a wild ride in the classic roadhouse-at-last-call way. Stone Dead puts Wilson front-and-center vocally and on guitar (the sound seems turned up a couple of notches on these relative to the other instruments), and he doesn’t disappoint. The vocals fit the classic metal singer style of the aforementioned frontmen–short on range, long on ferocity–and the riffs and solos (remember what those are?!) are spot-on. Additionally, while old-school metal was feared by the mainstream (shout out to Tipper Gore and the PMRC) for being somehow satanic, the Thirds’ lyrics openly embrace The Dark Lord in a big bro pat while flipping the Christian right off with their free hand. It will likely upset some, but the real point connects resoundingly: Rock music, and especially metal, needs its element of danger back. It’s the best mojo the genre ever had, and the Stainds of the world replaced it with woe-is-me mopiness and a sea of unlistenable midtempo ballads. Stone Dead stands as the Thirds’ hellbent counterpoint. If he knew of it, Lemmy would probably raise a drink to that.

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