*UPDATE* An Update to the recent disbanding of The Horizon is After Us


Here’s an update, as promised, to our recent post about the disbanding of THIAU.

Well after a paranoid stint of the horizon chasing them, The Horizon is After Us disbanded due to personal and creative differences.
As of right now, you can go to our myspace page and download the 2006 self-titled EP for free and get some pretty darn cheap shirts and such!

Erik McGreevy will be pursuing a solo project with the gigantic catalog of music he’s been working on with collaborations from members of the now disbanded THIAU as well as with Phil Taylor of Machina (and formerly of Future Leaders of the World).

Scott Perket will be forming with former THIAU members Jason Ball and Dan Knatcal along with Jeff Simmons (who also helps outTheFourFour. com with their myspace and Facebook accounts).

Lance Grant is currently looking to start a new project, influences range from Hed p.e.- future leaders of the world – primer 55 and more. Hit him up at his myspace link at the bottom of the page to inquire more details.

Griffin Meagher has had offers for vocal work, guitar, and bass work for numerous area bands as well as collaborations with former THIAU, looking to get an A Perfect Circle influenced tunes up and running.. Hit him up, he is a great collaborator and awesome musician.
Shoot him a line over at his myspace, link is below!

More news on these upcoming projects soon to come. But if you want the news fast and quick. Hit us up at our myspaces.

Erik McGreevy
Scott Perket
Lance Grant
Griffin Meagher

Thanks for the support over the last couple of years, you have all been great!
Signing Out,


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