Poor Man’s Vision…The Return of A Local Great


Poor Man’s Vision is one of Springfield’s most amazing, yet never heard from bands. Huge in the area in the mid-late 90’s PMV was THE rock band in the area—providing amazing, intuitive and flat-out AMAZING music that your ears will enjoy, your soul will savor, and your mind will be left blown.

Their extremely creative and dynamic style of rock is nothing short of remarkable. So we know they’ve been recording and working on new music for some time now…as they always do. Truth is, they never stopped. They have always continued to write and record. They just choose to do so out of the public eye.

Find out what they’re up to after the jump.And what we hear so far is nothing short of outstanding. There are a few demo tracks up on the PMV Myspace page. We highly recommend you take a listen. Having seen PMV many times, and luckily getting to play with them for a short stint back in ’03-’04, I know what these guys do live…and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to get to see and hear them perform this music with their signature wall of sound that our ears have loved since the first second.

Open your ears!

Although the lineup has seen a few changes over the years the current one; Russ “Poncho,”, Jason Spell, and Scott Stufflebaum (“Stuffy”) (who actually has been on tour for some time now with country great David Allen Coe) seems to be the best that these ears have heard.

Yesterday, they posted this brief blog to their myspace page:

Monday, June 30, 2008

recording journal

We are still recording.  last night we got a sizable portion of clean guitars down.  we are very happy with them – you can’t beat an old Fender Twin for clean!

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got comin’ guys…and for, hopefully, a show announcement!
But for now, Go. Listen.


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