Goodbye, Playing With Matches. We’ll Miss You.


“We’re Playing With Matches, and we’re here to put your ****s on swoll.” With that, Playing With Matches launched headfirst into the last set it would ever play together. While Derek clawed and climbed all over the stage, barricade and crowd, the other band members swayed and flung themselves around the stage, just like old times. Saturday night was a special occasion, and we’re glad we could be there for it. We’re especially glad to be able to bring a little bit of it to you, as well. Here’s a brief vid from the concert. Enjoy.


One Response to “Goodbye, Playing With Matches. We’ll Miss You.”

  1. Adam PWM Says:

    Who took this video and do you have the rest of the concert? None of us (the members of PWM) had the foresight to think that we might want someone to shoot a vid of that night. Thus, none of us had anyone film it. I would like to have the video to put in my box of PWM Memorabilia.

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